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Tutorial How to embed a hyperlink in an image

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Nov 10, 2021
Hyperlink! Hyperlink! It’ll connect your website to a vast network. As a result, you’ll find your website better optimized than before.

Now, How to embed a link in an image? You can insert a hyperlink address into your Image icon using HTML coding either in a text editor, or using a ready-made platform such as WordPress.

Don’t worry if you are new to this. Here, we’ll discuss both of them in detail. Let’s start with HTML coding first.

These are the Things That You Must Start With

  • Access your Control Panel
  • An HTML Editor
  • A basic knowledge of HTML.
  • The Image.

Access to your Control Panel is the most important thing if you wish to create hyperlinks using HTML coding. Because, if you don’t have it, you’ll not be able to enter your doc file.

Secondly, you’ll need a text editor on your PC to embed a code for a hyperlink. It is usually provided by web hosting companies.

But if they don’t, you must make sure you have it on your PC. You may also use Notable, TextEditEdit your file by clicking on the following links:?, etc.

You will also need basic knowledge about HTML coding. It’ll not be possible to embed a hyperlink using HTML if you don’t have a basic knowledge of it, right? It is important to have this knowledge.

Last, but certainly not least: You will need an image that you can embed.

You are now ready to go if you’ve got all the necessary items. You will now need to follow the steps listed below:

Always use custom images when creating websites. You can also use the following tools to create custom images for your site. Hyperise editors or other tools.

Here are some steps you need to take for HTML code

You first need to go to the Dashboard section of your control panel. Log in to the Web Hosting Control Panel. Next, create a username and password for access to the Dashboard.

Go to your control panel and search the HTML file where your Image source is. Next, open the file.

  • Learn more about the Source Image

Look for the code to locate the source image in the file. You can try searching in your image folder for the code.

Once you’re done, click the link below to get the code.

The anchor tag should be placed <a href=””> Before the image URL, </a> after. In the quote marks, paste the URL destination you wish to include. <a href=””>. Put your best foot forward “http://” Before clicking the link.

Please follow the below example.

<a href=”“> <img src=”your_image.gif” width=”100″ height=”132″> </a>

If you’ve followed the steps correctly, enjoy your hyperlinked image.

Now let’s move to the famous and easy-to-use platform WordPress.

WordPress makes it easy to embed hyperlinks in images. These are the steps to follow. It is also possible to link to an image.

Here are some steps to help you get started with WordPress

Access to your Dashboard is required for embedding a hyperlink into your WordPress image. I’m sure you already know the procedure as described above.

Enter your username, password and log in to your account. Web Hosting Control PanelClick on the link to go directly to your Dashboard.

  • Navigate to the Page or Post in which the Image is located.​

Navigate to the post or page where the image is located from your Dashboard. This can also be done from your gallery.

Or you could go to the location and look for it. However, it doesn’t matter which method you follow. Simply find the image.

Click on the image after you have found it. You’ll find a drop-down menu immediately after clicking on it. The drop-down menu may be at the top of the page or on the bottom. It could even appear across the entire page. Wherever it appears doesn’t matter; make sure you do it.

On the drop-down menu, you’ll find a few buttons. Hover over the buttons to reveal their titles. Click on each one to see the link-generator button.

If you see the button, then click it. You will find a URL box where you’ll have to paste the link you want to embed. Be sure to start the link with “HTTP://”.

That’s all you have to do to embed a hyperlink in your image using WordPress.

Hyperlink is Important Why?

Connect to the World Already Wide Web (WWWW). When you own a website. Hyperlinks are essential for their function. You should create a link and establish a connection.

The key purpose of Hyperlink is to network large amounts of information. A hyperlink allows you to share your piece of information.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. One of the most important features is a hyperlink SEO.

Personalized images are another thing that can help with SEO. Amazing personalized images are a great way to boost your SEO. Hyperise In order to increase your site’s SEO and quality, you can add this code.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I remove the underline from the Hyperlink and change its colour?

Follow the below instructions to remove the underlined text and alter the color of the hyperlink.

There are many ways to add “text-decoration: none” after putting href=”” The HTML code that generates hyperlinks. This will delete the underline. Also, you can add “text-decoration-color: red” You can change the color.

Take, for example: <a href=”” “text-decoration: none” “text-decoration-color: red”> <img src=”your_image.gif” width=”100″ height=”132″> </a>

  • What Formats of Images Does Hyperlink Support

Hyperlinks are supported by all formats of images on websites. Your hyperlink can be embedded in your JPG, PNG, JPEG, JPEG, or SVG image.

Wrap it Up

SEO (search engine optimization) is a must for websites. SEO requires extensive information, strong links to your competitors and an enormous network. WWW. This is why Hyperlink is one of its key components.

You already know this, so you can now. How to embed a link in an imageIt is easy to do by following these methods. Make sure to check out Hyperise Editor for personalized images on your website

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